Studio Multi-Track Recording,  Mastering,  Voice Over Recording,  Video Filming & Editing,  Green Screen,  Mixing to 5.1 Surround Sound,  On Location Multi-Track Audio Recording,  On Location Multi-Camera Filming,  Colorado Schools,  Greely Chamber Orchestra,  Jefferson Country Orchestra,  Teaching Audio Engineering,  Arranging & Producing,  ProTools HD3,  Dunlavy MK-VI Speakers,  Royer R-122V Ribbon Microphone,  Neumann N149 Tube Condensor Microphone,  AKG C12 Tube Microphone,  Manley Vari-Mu Compressor,  Pramberger 9’ Concert Grand Piano,  Hammond B3 Organ & Leslie Speaker,  Coral Electric Sitar,  Rickenbacker Electric 12-String,  Dan Electro Baritone Guitar,  Kurzweil K-2600RS w/ Orchestral ROM

Welcome to Perspective Audiovisual

Perspective Audiovisual provides a convenient and comfortable 1200 square foot recording studio in Fort Collins equipped with the latest hardware and software which includes ProTools HD, Samplitude Master and large collection of vintage microphones, preamps and instruments. We help artists take their creation from beginning to end starting with arranging, multi-track recording and finishing with Mastering and web/video design.







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